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dentist_los_angeles_caThe advances in general dentistry technology and methods have helped develop a customized dental hygiene program that provides better patient comfort and advanced preventative care. Our dentist in Los Angeles CA uses a variety of remedial procedures to help patients with a treatment plan to prevent diseases of the teeth, gums, tongue and mouth. Our dentist uses different dentistry approaches to treat dental problems due to trauma, defects or diseases.

Treatments for patients by our dentist in Los Angeles CA, such as root canal treatment, are painless. Root canal procedures are performed by our dentist when the nerve of a tooth is infected. Under local anesthesia, a small opening is made in the top of the tooth. The canal, where the nerve is located, is reshaped and prepared to receive a filling material. This may take a number of visits, depending upon several factors. The final step that our dentist performs will be the sealing of the root canal with a sealer paste, which prevents future infections. The tooth may then need a post and crown to help the tooth establish a normal form and to function well. Our dentist recommends getting treated as early as possible to minimize the damages. Under local anesthetics, the treatment can be completely painless.

Another regular treatment that our dentist in Los Angeles CA performs on a regular basis is filling a tooth. First, our dentist numbs the area around the tooth, with a local anesthetic. All bacteria and decayed material will then be removed. If the decay is near the root, our dentist in Los Angeles CA will place a composite resin or other types of material, to help protect the nerve. After our dentist has removed the decay and cleaned the area, a tooth colored material will be applied in layers. Next, a special light that cures or hardens each layer, is applied, and followed by our dentist shaping the composite material to the mold required. Our dentist will then trim off excess material and the polish the tooth to its final restoration.