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Emergency DentistryIf you are involved in an accident which involves damage to your teeth, you may be tempted to visit an emergency room or doctor’s office. Certainly, an emergency room is the best place to receive treatment if you have other, more serious injuries, but often accidents result in injuries solely to the mouth. For example, a child may fall off a bike and break a tooth, or a person’s mouth may hit a steering wheel in a car accident. In that case, the emergency room or regular doctor’s office may be the worst choice for treatment that you can make. This is because there is a small window of opportunity to save original teeth in case of breakage or if they are knocked out. Within an hour, if the tooth is preserved properly and replaced by a professional, it will often reattach and can recover its original position and strength. After an hour, the chances decrease significantly that the tooth can be saved.
Have you received an injury to your teeth or gums? Contact our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist as soon as possible to receive the treatments you need.

Los Angeles Emergency Dentist

If the original tooth cannot be replaced, more invasive measures will be necessary, possibly including implants or crowns. This can be expensive, time-consuming, and painful. Because regular doctors and emergency rooms are often busy, you can easily lose this short window of opportunity simply waiting to be seen, after which you will still have to visit our Lost Angeles cosmetic dentist for reconstruction options. However, you have another option in the case of accident and injury to the mouth.

If you experience an accident involving damage to teeth or gums, consult our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles who will be available twenty-four hours a day, and can see you immediately after an accident to attempt to repair the damage to your teeth. If the tooth can be salvaged, the dentist will give you instructions on how to preserve the tooth and hopefully keep it healthy as it heals. If the tooth cannot be saved, our dentist will work with you to choose options to replace the tooth or repair the breakage. Our dentist is always your best option in accidents involving your teeth.
If your teeth have been broken or injured, do not put of the treatment. contact our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.