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General DentistryWhile we have all been told we should visit the dentist twice a year, most of us take that advice very lightly, believing it to be overkill. As long as we do not have painful cavities or obvious problems with our teeth, we tend to think that regular brushing and flossing, with an occasional home-whitening treatment, is sufficient to preserve our oral health.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. A bi-yearly visit to the dentist not only allows us to have a professional cleaning, but more importantly, helps the dentist to discover oral health problems before they become real issues, at a time when they are easily treatable. Our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles can help you preserve a healthy, beautiful smile and good oral health.
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Los Angeles General Dentistry

When you visit the dentist, an x-ray may be taken to look at the inside of teeth, in order to spot cavities or note the extent of the damage caused by them. Tartar scraping removes plaque buildup from your teeth and prevents gum disease. Sometimes, especially for children, our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist may recommend a preventative application of a solution that will ward off cavities and harden tooth enamel. A final polish with a professional machine and toothpaste not only makes your smile bright, but also helps to protect against staining until your next dental visit.

Our dentist also offers a variety of general treatment services. Filling cavities is a common treatment done right in our dentist’s office. Root canals and some cosmetic work are also be performed by our dentist. Our dentist can also treat any abnormalities in your oral health. A twice-yearly visit also gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with our dentist based on trust and mutual understanding. If there are dental problems in your future, it pays to have this relationship with someone who understands your dental history and can advise you on the best course of action to solve any problems you may experience. A good dentist, like a good doctor, can become your first and best resource to ensure overall good health and oral health.
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