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los_angeles_dentistOur Los Angeles dentist can perform many kinds of dental procedures to repair the damages to the teeth and bring them back to a healthy condition. These procedures can be as simple as filling cavities to more complicated ones such as dentures or dental implants.

Filling cavities in a decayed tooth is usually done using an amalgam made of mercury mixed with silver or another metal. In today’s modern dental offices, a composite resin filling derived from plastic is commonly used to blend in with a tooth’s natural color and contour.

A simple teeth cleaning is needed for most patients every six months. The dental hygienist or our dentist will use a tooth scraper to remove plaque (layer of sticky residue) that coats teeth. He then brushes the teeth with a small electric toothbrush. Finally, he will floss your teeth by running a piece of waxy string between them to remove stuck food particles.

Extraction is performed by our Los Angeles dentist when decay is so severe that the tooth can’t be saved. After the application of a local anesthetic to numb the mouth, the tooth is removed using specialized dental tools.

A process called bonding repairs chipped or discolored teeth. A composite resin is used to cover the tooth surface, then set in place with an intense light that hardens the gel. This gives the teeth a clean, even color.

A crown made of porcelain or gold can be placed over decayed teeth. Our Los Angeles dentist takes an impression of your tooth using a gummy mixture called alginate. The mold is the sent to a lab where a crown is made to fit your tooth. Our dentist will give you a temporary crown to wear while the permanent one is being made.

Dentures replace missing teeth and need to be removed at night. They are typically made of resin, often with porcelain or metal for support. Our Los Angeles dentist takes an impression of your teeth with dental alginate. You will wear temporary dentures until the permanent dentures come back from the dental lab, usually in two weeks.

A dental bridge is set between two crowns to replace missing teeth. The bridge is made of plastic or resin and the crowns hold it in place. Bridges are fixed and can’t be removed. Healthy adjacent teeth will help reduce preparation time.