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Orthodontic TreatmentsBoth adults and children often suffer from crooked and misaligned teeth. Many people naturally have overbites, where the upper front teeth protrude, or underbites, in which the lower teeth cover the upper ones when biting. Some people suffer from crooked teeth that actually cross over the teeth near them, pushing all the teeth out of line.

People tend to seek attention for their children’s tooth misalignment issues, although adults can often benefit from orthodontic treatments as well. No matter what your age, tooth misalignment is not something to ignore. What begins as a nuisance can actually develop into an oral health issue as teeth are pushed farther out of line, resulting in bad biting and chewing habits, easier access for bacteria to teeth and gums, and even eventual tooth loss.
Is your smile plagued by crooked or misaligned teeth? Contact our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles and have your teeth straightened as soon as possible.

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Whether you are an adult or have a child with alignment issues, consult our cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles to discuss your options for straightening your teeth. Our dentist can explain the procedures necessary to produce well-aligned teeth with no gaps, overlays, or other problems. No matter how bad your tooth problems may seem, or how impossible you may believe it to be for you to obtain a well-aligned smile, our dentist can recommend treatment that will leave them straight and healthy. There are many treatment options available today for straightening teeth.

While most people are familiar with braces, many have misapprehensions about the process and the treatment that will be necessary for good results, and as a result avoid discussing braces with their dentist. Fortunately, there are options available due to new technology that can cut the time for treatment in half, and even “clear” options that allow a person to straighten the teeth without the braces even being visible! More traditional braces may be necessary in some cases, but the technology for these braces have improved significantly in recent years, and treatments are often much less invasive than in the past. For the latest options in orthodontic treatment, talk to our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist immediately and find out how easy it can be to achieve that beautiful smile you have always dreamed of.
If you child has misaligned teeth, the sooner you seek treatment the better. Contact our Los Angeles cosmetic dentist and find out about the treatment options.